Softgarden App

Project Description

The softgarden app is tailored to the managerial and HR staff of a company to simplify the hiring process. It is the companion mobile app to the softgarden web app, which allows you to view the profiles of your applicants, vote on them, discuss them with your colleagues in the chat and more.


This app was first created as a native iOS app with Swift. When it was decided that an Android app was also required, React Native was chosen to be used due to its cross-platform capabilities.

Selection of tasks

  • Implemented encryption for sensitive user data on disk.
  • User authentication and session management.
  • Push notifications and deep linking.
  • Implemented various screens and components according to design specs.
  • Wrote unit tests.
  • Built releases and deployed in both the app store and the play store.
  • Offline data persistence.

Technologies Used

React Native version
  • React Native

  • Firebase

  • Realm

  • React Native Navigation

Native iOS version
  • Swift

  • Core Data with AERecord

  • Alamofire

  • Storyboards with Autolayout/XIB

  • JSQMessageViewController