Project Description

The central idea of Rohpost is to strip down social media to its essentials: Communicating with and keeping people you care about up to date, without any extraneous additions. No public likes, follower counts, endless news feeds or ads.


The app was created as cross-platform app with React Native. The backend runs on a Node.js server and Firebase. Took over existing app from previous developer and fixed various UI, UX and performance issues.

Selection of tasks

  • Implemented and fixed key features such as profile deletion (along with all associated data in firebase), a caching strategy to decrease firebase bandwidth usage and improve perceived app performance, and an improved, more security-conscious friend invite process.
  • Introduced TypeScript and cleaned up large parts of the code base.
  • Acted as a one-man mobile app development team.
  • Supported project until a successful relaunch in the app stores.

Technologies Used

  • React Native

  • React Navigation

  • TypeScript

  • Freezer.js

  • MobX

  • Node.js

  • Firebase