Lykon Health Coach 360

Project Description

The Lyon Health Coach 360 app is the companion app for With it, users can fill out a questionnaire to assess their lifestyle and synchronize the results of their purchased blood tests. Based on those results users receive habit recommendations to improve biomarkers with critical results. Through the app those new habits can be started and tracked, enabling people to live a healthier life and improve their blood result biomarker scores.


The app is cross-platform, created with React Native. The JSON API standard is used for data transfer between the front and backend.

Selection of tasks

  • Project setup and structuring.
  • User authentication and session management.
  • Build user interfaces according to supplied designs.
  • Habit tracking.
  • First time user questionnaire.

Technologies Used

  • React Native

  • Firebase

  • Styled Components

  • React Navigation

  • App Center