Project Description

kollex, a joint venture of Coca-Cola, Bitburger and Krombacher, is a B2B platform bringing together HoReCas (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés), supermarkets and other businesses selling beverages and beverage distributors. kollex brings beverage order management to the 21st century, making pen and paper a thing of the past.


The app is cross-platform, created with React Native. Initially developed by an external agency and then taken over by me.

Selection of tasks

  • Filter feature.
  • Performance. Workarounds for backend limitations.
  • Building user interfaces and interactions according to supplied designs.
  • App and Play store deployment.
  • Firebase analytics
  • Set up of CI/CD pipeline

Technologies Used

  • React Native

  • TypeScript

  • MobX

  • Watermelon DB

  • React Navigation

  • io-ts

  • App Center

  • Fastlane

  • CircleCI