Project Description

The Coffi app is a marketplace for connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire new employees. The app aims to both simplify the process of hiring as well as searching for jobs by connecting candidates with employer directly without a lengthy application process.

Employers can quickly post jobs, with relevant information and necessary requirements for the ideal candidate. Furthermore, employers can send candidates a 'Coffi' invite to indicate their interest in learning more about them. Candidates can create a profile, browse jobs in their area and like jobs to save them for future reference. In case of interest on either side, employers and candidates can chat with each other through the app.


The app is a native iOS app programmed in Objective-C. Core Data is used for offline data persistence in the app. On the backend, a Node.js/Express server is used. Websockets are used via along with a Redis store for the real time chat. A Postgres database comprises the persistence layer. Docker containers are used to implement a microservices architecture.

Selection of tasks

  • Implemented push notifications and deep linking.
  • Implemented various screens and UI components according to design specs.
  • Built releases and deployed in the app store.
  • Implemented email notifications.

Technologies Used

  • Objective-C

  • Core Data

  • AFNetworking

  • Storyboards with Autolayout/XIB


  • Redis

  • Node.js/Express

  • Kraken.js

  • Postgres with Sequelize

  • Swaggerize

  • Nginx

  • Docker